So you bought an amazing dress (jeans, coat), which perfectly suits you. You imagine how many compliments you will get, when you wear it… But! There are some things we must do right away after shopping!

So, little things won’t ruin your stunning look, if:

  1. Cut labels. Mostly it’s so long, brings discomfort and ridges in unwanted places. If this fabric needs special care and cleaning mode, you should keep label.  For example, in a box with buttons.


2. Keep spare decoration. If on your cloth there are different decorative elements and buttons, usually manufacturer tag spare one. It’s important to keep it, incase you lose it.

By the way, on a new jacket or a coat you should check tightness of buttons. Some of them need to be sewed again.


  1. Wash your purchase. If you bought blouse, jumper or top, you must wash it after. You don’t know who tried it on before you and how many times it was laying on the floor. Thesameaboutpajamasandunderwear.


  1. When you buying shoes, don’t forget to safe heeltaps. It can save your time when you are late. Also don’t forget to check sole. There are a lot of pricelists and stickers on it.


It happened to me: once I was late for meeting and (that’s bad luck!), I noticed I lose heeltap. Of course, I could wear other shoes, but I needed that pair. I know where heeltap from those shoes is and used it. Meeting was held successful!  After that I brought shoes to shoe repair shop.


  1. To check slots, pockets and etc. Don’t forget to remove all temporarily fixed stitches on slots, pockets and folds. All those stitches need just to keep salable condition: folds – to keep shape, pockets –  not to sag, slots – not to break.


These are the main trifles we forget to do sometimes. 🙂



Top 5 actions after shopping
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